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The Key To Ending World Hunger - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1105 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2019/06/14 Category Science Essay Level High school Tags: World Hunger Essay Did you like this example? The world population is growing at a rate that could inevitably surpass our capacity to feed it. Some argue that we have more than double the acreage to feed every human being in the world, yet every day millions starve from lack of nutrients or calories to survive. Even in the U.S, child hunger is a national campaign and there are 815 million hungry people worldwide- one in every 91. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Key To Ending World Hunger" essay for you Create order Genetic engineering has the power to increase product yield and improve nutritional content, proving to be a large contender in the battle against global hunger. Studies show that despite critics claims that genetically modified crops are too dangerous to use, the risks are virtually nonexistent and the benefits are too much to ignore. Anti-GMO critics are trying to scare consumers based on field research that is either partially or completely untrue. But GMO-fans are confident that we can do a lot of good with this technology. We need genetically modified foods to keep up with our growing population, tackle nutritional deficiency, and end global hunger. With growing concerns of the effects of climate change, scientists are looking to our food supplies. As the environments change, so does our ability to grow crops for both human and animal consumption. Global temperatures are rising and soon only the hardiest natural crops will survive the elements without genetic engineering. In 1995 geneticist Pamela Ronald identified the Xa21 gene in rice and implemented it to other breeds of the crop to withstand blight and bacteria. In 2014, she localized a called Sub1 and used it to develop a kind of rice that could withstand flooding for up to 2 weeks. One study showed that people in developing countries faced with famine and malnutrition are likely to benefit from attempts to improve the protein content of food crops, as well as the amount of vitamins and minerals they provide3.By 2014, the rice was thriving on more than four million flood-prone acres, increasing farmers yield threefold when their fields are inundated.3. Without the use of genetically modified crops, over time climate change and changing environments will diminish our food production to the point where we will no longer be able to prevent the oncoming famine and resulting panic. Regardless of the earthrs maximum potential to grow caloric and nutritional food, we have to think about what we can realistically produce. Nutritional deficiency is a serious issue, affecting around 90% of Americans, one study shows4. Even the healthiest among us humans are routinely lacking in at least one mineral or vitamin, routinely Vitamin E, A, or D. And still we actually encourage these nutritional lackings through the widespread usage of fad dieting. Those in some Asian and African nations especially face famine and ultimately starvation due to these risks. In 1999, the ?Yellow Rice Project was introduced to solve a simple problem; millions of people in Asia were dying due to nutritional deficiency and starvation. One of their most readily-available and cheapest staples was white rice, but it was severely lacking in nutrients. Scientists set out to genetically engineer a rice, later termed Yellow Rice5, that had a surplus of Vitamin A. Over the course of its developm ent, it was later improved to have 10-20 times the amount of Vitamin A found in the original rice. Millions of lives were saved due to this breakthrough. It wasnt a perfect cure for world hunger, but it was certainly a gateway to what we could accomplish with genetic engineering. Even today, scientists are trying to breed tomatoes with the vitamins of pineapples, and vice versa. We will not and should not stop trying to improve the nutritional values of our food intake. Anti-GMO enthusiasts will throw every argument under the sun at consumers to convince them that genetically modified crops arent safe to eat, with routinely misguided or simply untrue information. There are routinely gaps in research knowledge and findings are often presented in biased manners. That being said, research studies have been conducted to test the safety and risks of GMOs, with few findings of inherent risk. They want more studies. Theyll always want more studies., one scientist grumbled5. In the early 1900s, local farmers in Hawaii were losing crops due to a bacteria that infected a local papaya. Local scientists took action. They isolated a protein in the bacteria that made the papaya resistant to disease. Thousands of crops and the livelihoods of those farmers were saved. And despite the fact that in the decades since, millions of people are those papayas without any negative side effects, and thousands of research studies have been conducted to test and verify its safety, anti-GMO critics still insist that genetically modified foods arent safe. Ironically, its argued that virtually all the food we eat has been genetically improved in some manner5 with no adverse side effects or recorded illnesses. Every food you can find at the produce section today has already been enhanced somehow to be bigger, tastier, or more appealing visually. Have you ever seen a commercial strawberry next to an organic strawberry, or compared the taste of a store-bought apple to that of one fresh picked from an organic orchard? GMOs are not to be feared and theyre nothing new. Neither side of the GMO issue is completely right or wrong, and both sides do have valid concerns. We do need to pay attention to underdeveloped countries and continue to battle global hunger. While we see no risks or dangers whatsoever for using genetically modified foods, naysayers are right that we should continue research to ensure public safety. Geneticist Pamela Ronald developed the ?flood-proof rice alongside her organic farmer of a husband, Raoul Adamchak. Despite her husbandrs stance on organic farming, the two agree that each side has its part to play. Ronald believes that we should use both techniques of feeding the planet versus one or the other, arguing that only by combining forces will we be able to feed the expanding population in a sustainable and efficient way. Genetic engineering is not an idea or a thing, itrs a process that we use in many other ways unrelated to food production without blinking an eye. We need genetic engineering to improve our current methods of food production. Without help from both sides of this issue, ultimately we wont be able to keep up with the global population, which will decrease one way or another. GMO foods have never harmed us any more than organic foods and frankly offer more potential to battle global issues in food production. We must encourage the use of genetic engineering to battle world hunger and vitamin deficiency against the rapidly growing population.

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Credit Union Organisation - 636 Words

JOY CREDIT UNION (JCU) MEMBERSHIP Membership shall be open to all members of International Central Gospel Church – Joy Temple. To be recognized as a member of the Credit Union, prospective members are required to pick up membership forms at a cost of GH ¢5.00 each. Completed application forms together with a copy of a current ID, 2 copies of Passport Size Pictures, and an application processing fee of GH ¢10.00 will be required to complete membership formalities. Being a member does not automatically qualify a member for loan facilities. MINIMUM CONTRIBUTION The minimum contribution per member shall not be less than GH ¢2.00 per week. LOANS FACILITIES To qualify for a loan, a bona fide member should have contributed regularly for a†¦show more content†¦This will enable JCU pay more dividends to its members as the absolute amount to be shared by members will increase each year though the DPP will remain at 60%. During the first two years of operations, all the funds of JCU will be invested in short term money market instruments to ensure that as and when members require loan facilities, JCU will be able to meet this need within the shortest possible time. Over time, the funds of JCU will be invested in both short term money market instruments and in long term investments. The funds invested in long term investments will not be available for advancing loans to members but rather will be kept as an investment for JCU to earn an appreciable level of return. The split of investible funds between short term money market instruments and long term investments will be determined by the trend of membership loan requests over time. The two year period within which no funds will be invested in long term investments will hopefully throw up a good enough trend to enable management come up with a proper split for investing the funds of JCU. WITHDRAWAL FROM JCU If a member leaves the Union within three (3) years of membership, that member will forfeit 10% of the total contribution outstanding. If the member leaves after three (3) years of membership, that member forfeits only 3% of the total contribution outstanding to thatShow MoreRelatedExecutive Report Sample9694 Words   |  39 PagesFinancial exclusion in two speed Leeds Executive Report Research into Financial Exclusion in Leeds and a study of alternative community based credit and savings systems, undertaken by Community Finance Solutions at Salford University on behalf of Leeds City Council. Financial Exclusion Report for Leeds City Council 2004 Foreword Leeds is a prosperous city. It is not only prosperous in its own right but acts as a generator for wealth, which goes well beyond its immediate boundaries. LeedsRead MoreCo-Operative Banks in India3201 Words   |  13 PagesClearing Banks for 40 years, and thus able to issue its own cheques. Since 1974 the Co-operative Bank has consistently offered free banking for personal customers who remain in credit. It was also the first Clearing Bank to offer an interest bearing cheque account called Cheque Save, in 1982. In 1991 the Bank shook the credit card market when it introduced a guaranteed free for life Gold Visa card. The Co-operative banks in INDIA have a history of almost 100 years. The Co-operative banks areRead MoreRole of Co-Operative Banks in Agriculture Credit: Organization, Growth and Challenges2984 Words   |  12 PagesRole of Co-operative Banks in Agriculture Credit: Organization, Growth and Challenges Rajesh Kumar, Sanjay Malhan Abstract In this study we have analysed the role of Co-operative banks in agriculture credit in India from 2001/2002 to 2006/2007 with the help of ACGR. The study reveals that the aggregate amount of agriculture credit has increased, while, the share in total institutional agriculture credit has been decreased from 37.91 in 2001/2002 to 18.51 in 2006/07 and further, found that the levelRead MoreAssignment for Pgd1041 Words   |  5 PagesNelson College London Coursework Assessment Feedback (Final Submission) Course Details Course Name Unit number Unit Name Credit Value Lecturer Hand Out Date Hand In Date 11/03/2011 BTEC Advanced Professional Diploma in Strategic Management Leadership (Level7) 9 Managing Corporate Responsibility In The Wider Business Environment 10 A.Ismail ï‚ · This assignment must be completed by all the candidates undertaking Edexcel BTEC Level-7 Advanced Professional Diploma in Management. Reasonable considerationRead Morebusiness Essay800 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Assignment questions: Specification of Assessment LO1 (Task 01): Understand the organisational purposes of business 1.1 Identify the purposes of different types of organisation 1.2 Describe the extent to which Siemens meets the objectives of different stakeholders D1 Critically evaluate the responsibilities of Siemens to meet stakeholders objectives. 1.3 Explain the responsibilities of Siemens and strategies employed to meet stakeholders. M1 Identify and find the mission andRead MorePersonal Statements For A Professional Advisers1634 Words   |  7 PagesCBRs’ below); †¢ fraud-checking agencies; †¢ credit providers (for credit related purposes such as credit-worthiness, credit rating, credit provision and financing); †¢ Australian Banks, non-bank lenders and providers of credit, financial or insurance services; †¢ our related bodies corporate; †¢ our professional advisers, including our accountants, auditors and lawyers; †¢ other comparison sites, mortgage brokers or providers of investment, financial or credit where it is legal for us to do so; †¢ governmentRead MoreThe Importance of Accounting to the Stakeholders of an Organisation991 Words   |  4 PagesThe importance of accounting to the stakeholders of an organisation Accounting must be understood as a complete, consistent, logical system for collecting and processing data on the assets of the company and its activities, as well as the presentation of economic and financial information. The primary objective of accounting is the development and provision of information about assets components and conducted by the company business. This information is used primarily by: * Board businessRead MoreManaging Financial Resources and Decisions Essay1355 Words   |  6 Pagesbusiness from a  variety of sources both internal and external.   LO1 – Understand the implications of finance as a resource within a business Internal Sources of finance Internal sources of finance are the funds  readily available within the organisation. Internal sources of finance consist of: †¢ Personal savings †¢ Retained profits †¢ Working capital †¢ Sale of fixed asset Personal Savings - This is the amount of  personal money an owner, partner or shareholder of a business has at his disposalRead MoreStrategic Change Management1080 Words   |  5 PagesQualification Level 4 Edexcel BTEC Higher National in Business (QCF) Unit 1 Business Environment – 15 credits Assignment 1 will give learners the opportunity to achieve: Learning Outcome 1 – understand the organisational purposes of businesses Learning Outcome 2 – understand the nature of the national environment in which businesses operate Learning Outcome 3 – understand the behaviour of organisations in their market environment Learning Outcome 4 – be able to assess the significance of the global factorsRead MoreFinancial Crisis Case Study875 Words   |  4 Pagesstruggling financially. Joining the European Union (notably below the financial requirements in place by the union) further restricted the control the Greek Government had over manipulating their econom y, predominantly due to the centralized euro currency. The government had also been providing false data on their financials for some time, all of which came to a head at the time of the GFC. Increasing debt levels and decreasing GDP saw the Greek credit rating reduced numerous times. The government

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Lgbt Organizations Free Essays

LGBT Supportive Organizations The first website I visited was called No Longer Silent: Clergy for Justice. Their main focus was on an alternative Christian perspective on the issue of homosexuality. They basically believed in advocating justice for all, especially Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgendered persons. We will write a custom essay sample on Lgbt Organizations or any similar topic only for you Order Now The support that I see they give is a sense of belonging. They give the support that many seek with is religious acceptance. This organization is very unique because for many years the church has never really given gays a home; No Longer Silent gives us that place to go to for moral support. Their website gave educational materials like articles on news pertaining to our community. Also materials like scriptures from that give the LGBT community, who are not familiar with the bible; some interpretations and teachings. The next website that I visited was called Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network. Their focus was on assuring that each member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. They give support by giving students internet resources on bullying. They also support our LGBT community by starting their campaign â€Å"Think before you speak†. It helps us inform the world that words do hurt and helps in the prevention of anti-gay language. Their website gives educational materials like Facts about Sexual Orientation. They even give resources like crisis support and advocacy. Then I visited the website for Equality Arizona. Their focus is to secure, protect and defend the rights and welfare of LGBT people in Arizona. The support they give is huge throughout the state of Arizona. They are the ones that fight for our rights. They support us in legal stand points like marriage and adoption. As for educational materials, they give many blogs on how our issues are coming along. For example: They explain how our local LGBT leaders respond to President Obama’s Declaration of Support for Marriage Equality. Next website visited was PFLAG Phoenix. Their focus is on celebrating diversity and envisions a society that embraces everyone, including those of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. Their support is very important to our community. Their support is being our family with open arms. It gives parents and families a place where they can show their support for us. They have a lot of educational material for not only our LGBT community but for our families too. It gives terminology, some theories, and most of all many answers to questions. The last website I visited was 1n10. Their focus is on providing our youth with the tools to improve their self-esteem and help with acceptance of who they are. Their support is how they create a safe space, mentally and physically, for youth ranging for 14-24. Their support also includes helping teens by providing homeless shelters and suicide prevention crisis lines. Educational materials were scarce. I really didn’t find anything other than a lot of resources for different problems our LGBT youth may encounter. To say the truth, I never knew any of these organizations existed. The one that melted my heart the most would be the PFLAG website. Reason being is all LGBT people look for family acceptance. All the pictures of the protesters made me smile. The 1n10 website also struck me because to me the youth is our future. If they are not educated or helped with open arms, society just might take steps back instead of forward. Our adolescent years are crucial especially being LGBT. The Equality Arizona website gives me hope that one day they will push far enough to make Marriage and Adoption legal for us. I think that step would push us through the red tape at the finish line. No Longer Silent is another milestone. I learned that they gives us a place of religion that doesn’t outcast us or tell us we should change because if we don’t we’ll go to hell. That’s important to me because during my coming out I lost faith in religion. The GLSEN website shows me that one day LGBT could one day cease forever. All of these websites posed as a great learning experience. How to cite Lgbt Organizations, Essay examples

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Social Psychological Evidence Psychological Methodologies

Question: Discuss about the Report for Social Psychological Evidence of Psychological Methodologies. Answer: Introduction According to Asch 1946, the general area in the primary research question in the methodologies previously in use employs techniques to find out the way out to an actual prospect of forming impressions of personality. It is an interesting method as it poses a genuine multi-face to its actualization. (Asch, 1946). As a way to try and make a perfect explanation to this, most methodologies will offer a multitude of general meandering messages about the topic in question to facilitate content. In the wedges of reality between a ridiculous eloquent interludes will have engaging observations to make conclusions. Although there are much theoretical works which is not at a limitation to a single work, a unitary message is in undertaking to be able to have an on point work verification. The word which seems to deploy more frequent content is an act of a strong resonation which is in the present-day research methodologies which have an underlying concern of the general primacy of the warmth effect. (Nauts, 2014). When a reference is made to meet primacy of the warmth effect, then an entailment of a virtual primary role emerges to cover for it is as an impression of formation in which it is an actual causative entitlement of a different judgment in the influence of which will be stronger on the impressions. An inference is an actual quick way to be able to form a full relation of inferences in the goal orientation. When an immediate goal is so close to finding out solutions which are a critical examination of all the evidence which are in place by Ach' research tries to bring out. Provision of an answer to a primacy of warmth effect has it that as long as the conduct will be in a direct replication then the studies according to Asch turn to be true. In a more conceptual manner where the direction is to the aspect of direct replications turns out. (Asch, 1946). It may have the effect of having an incomplete direct relation to the primacy of warmth effect. On the verge of having a final result is that it will not be necessary to concur with the original findings. The process of finding an answer to the forming impression of personality may be having a regard. It may also have a point of inception for the primacy of the warmth effect. As one of the founding articles in a personal perception, the field is an extension of the study. Perhaps even in the social aspect of the psychology in a general view. (Brambilla, 2014). It is a believer in place that is critical than an establishment of its truth. The value will have a provision of replications which are both having an attempt to release what the researches have is insufficient data to be able to make an establishment entirely to it. Methods Participants As a way to seek answers, eighty-four members in overall density 40 were female, and 44 are male. (Lee, 2015). They together to complete the study and are a convenient sample as the friends and family are in the first year the mean age which is also a determinant to this is found to be a sample of 32.37 years, it is at a random number of SD= 15.63. Materials An online questionnaire has an inclusion into the study to help acquire the firsthand information for the data. The questionnaire has an insertion of a demographic data of the participants. Consideration is in gender and age of the participants taking the first part of the study as part A. the other aspect is the aspect of personality traits in the questionnaire. (Celli, 2014). The general assessment of the study has to assess the participants in different categories, and the perception of an on point Likert scale is to make. The overall purpose is to have the information to anchor in which is a decision-making tool. A sample paper which is in use for the study is as in presentation bellow. Procedure Participants action The establishment of and provision of materials, participants had to click on to the online questionnaire which is in provision during the study. (Molden, 2014). It is in provision through a cloud Deakin. Thus they are in the presentation of a landing page where they have a general verdict of being able to have a consent to be in the participation. On the other side after allowing the participation, a different methodology is in employment where the participants form groups. In general, there are two groups, and all have an experimental conditions, from the instructor. A procedure which is an instruction is as in explanation bellow. The first instructions is strictly follow-up the administration of points in demographic information in actual data sheet in record as Part A in the questionnaire. When the participants got to know what they are to undertake, they have to hold a hot cup or cold cup of coffee, this is the act of completion of the second part of the questionnaire as Part B of the general questionnaire. (Lee, 2015). The second part which is now Part B of the questionnaire is having an involvement in a reading session which is short description of person A before an embankment into the rating process of their personality traits which are eight in number. Results and discussion In the parallel 2 that is (character set: warm vs the cold) X 2 (psychological distance is sought to be a way out. It is also multiplied by 4(character judged: sociability vs generosity vs likability vs agreeableness). (Ratner, 2014). The final action is in which an aggregate conception is to come out apparently as a last variable comes out to be in gauge in a design which is within the subjects in conduction during the experiment. The data in collection has a maximum level of approximation which has an aim to increase the compatibility among most areas in different traits. It is as in a prior analysis in which the ratings in each of the trait is to be in an observational standard, from the four studies of character enhancement. All the analysis have a yield of significant main effect which is the aspect of warm-cold rate manipulation. The study comes out clearly as a primary key response as study 1a F (1.92) =88.14, differently p0.05, and n2=0.47: the study is clearly stating that in the next study 1b F (1.98) =41.33, whereas p2=28. (Brambilla, 2014). The general conceptual results show that the replication of Asch's outcome as true thus persons who are in depiction are by a description of warm where they are generally at a rate of being more confident than a person's in the category of being cold. The outcome which might have a consideration as good is that both studies 1a and 1b have a great significant in the assessment of the traits. (Gogwin, 2014). It comes out clearly that; feature set x psychological distance and interactions make a result of an emergence of study 1a F (3,276) = 6.29, p, 05. A general conformation of this is that the expectations are found to be of CLT theory which has a clearly random up stream of all cross four traits in judgment. The experience effect of the warm- cold manipulation habits of the experience was overly in exemplification into a fantastic condition in a distant act. Summary of Means and Standard Deviations for Scores on Warmth-related Traits for Hot Drink and Cold Drink Conditions. Hot drink Cold drink Warmth-related traits M SD M SD Generosity 5.08 1.27 4.10 1.63 Sociability 5.18 1.30 4.41 1.50 Happiness 5.52 1.08 4.82 1.21 Popularity 5.20 1.45 4.59 1.07 Summary: Means and Standard Deviations for Scores on Non-Warmth-related Traits for Hot Drink and Cold Drink Conditions Hot drink Cold drink Non-Warmth-related traits M SD M SD Persistence 5.75 1.19 6.00 0.95 Importance 5.20 1.32 4.92 1.52 Seriousness 5.30 1.34 5.51 1.14 Reliability 6.02 1.19 6.18 0.89 Discussion Research results are to obtain here are that a portrayal of a suggestion that the mental process that is a fundamental conceptual attribution in the city clarification of all the needs to see the process that is in use to be possible. (Ratner, 2014). In so making an impression is in a formation of a class in a different change which has a significant contribution of the manipulation of the general characteristics of the major portfolios. A contractual level of the situations must be having an impact. The theoretical standard of an additional psychological distance which adds an effect to the target of the list. (Human, 2014). A suggestion made here after is that the distant targets are typically taken to be more holistically that the latter who are psychological targets at close range. The two studies have a description of having a paradigm which suggests that the idea incorporation is a clear indication of it being in place. Finding out that the judgements about the general targets is that they will have a psychologically distant more than the defection inclusion. Our results seem to in at an inclination on the paradoxical attribution of examples at first research. Some may be in position to wonder why psychological nearness indeed turns to be very effective. Such assumptions do not trigger attempts to understand what should be in enlightenment in return for the actual cause. Conclusion In conclusion, however findings have it that suggestions which are anticipating in the rise of more conceptual issues will lead to an increase in the actualization. Another intriguing are of research can be the area of acceptance where CLT could have an application of domain metaphors and an actual embodiment of cognitions. In a matter of fact it clear that the terms of use that is warm and cold are an real and may at some point be having an impression of formation which is because of the fundamental relationship of the actual meaning of the words. (Godwin, 2015). The other aspect is that coldness is or can be associated with being inactive. Such speculations have a result of coming out clearly not believing that the general modes of approach will be an accumulation of facts. The utility f this type of frame work will be on the verge of opening ways to see continuity in the old paradigms, and a lead through new theories which will be an acknowledgement and a consideration in the frui tful research. However as a way of getting rid of all the aspects which will bring non-cognitive or an understanding of how psychology works may affect the cognitive representation. References Asch, S. E. (1946). Forming impressions of personality.The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology,41(3), 258. Nauts, S., Langner, O., Huijsmans, I., Vonk, R., Wigboldus, D. H. (2014). Forming impressions of personality.Social Psychology. Brambilla, M., Leach, C. W. (2014). On the importance of being moral: The distinctive role of morality in social judgment.Social Cognition,32(4), 397. Goodwin, G. P. (2015). Moral character in person perception.Current Directions in Psychological Science,24(1), 38-44. Human, L. J., Biesanz, J. C., Finseth, S. M., Pierce, B., Le, M. (2014). To thine own self- be right: Psychological adjustment promotes judge ability via personalitybehavior congruence.Journal of personality and social psychology,106(2), 286. Gawronski, B., De Houwer, J. (2014). Implicit measures in social and personality psychology.Handbook of research methods in social and personality psychology,2. Ratner, K. G., Deutsch, R., Wigboldus, D. H., van Knippenberg, A., Amodio, D. Visualizing minimal ingroup and outgroup faces implications for impressions, attitudes, andbehavior.Journal of personality and social psychology,106(6), 897. Anderson, N. H. (2014). A functional approach to person cognition.Advances in social cognition,1, 37-51. Chen, F. F., Jing, Y., Lee, J. M. (2014). The looks of a leader: Competent and trustworthy, but not dominant.Journal of Experimental Social Psychology,51, 27-33. Abelson, R. P., Frey, K. P., Gregg, A. P. (2014).Experiments with people: Revelations from social psychology. Psychology Press. Nilsson, A. (2014). Personality psychology as the integrative study of traits and worldviews.New Ideas in Psychology,32, 18-32. Molden, D. C. (2014). Understanding priming effects in social psychology: What is social priming and how does it occur?.Understanding Priming Effects in Social Psychology, 3. Jackson, A., Greene, R. L. (2014). Impression formation of tests: retrospective judgments of performance are higher when easier questions come first.Memory Cognition,42(8),1325-1332. Crisp, R. J., Turner, R. N. (2014).Essential social psychology. Sage. Eftekhar, A., Fullwood, C., Morris, N. (2014). Capturing personality from Facebook photos and photo-related activities: How much exposure do you need?.Computers in Human Behavior,37, 162-170. Lynott, D., Corker, K. S., Wortman, J., Connell, L., Donnellan, M. B., Lucas, R. E., OBrien, K. (2014). Replication of Experiencing physical warmth promotes Interpersonal warmth by Williams and Bargh (2008).Social Psychology. Celli, F., Bruni, E., Lepri, B. (2014, November). Automatic personality and interaction style recognition from Facebook profile pictures. InProceedings of the 22nd ACM international conference on Multimedia(pp. 1101-1104). ACM. Lee, V. K., Harris, L. T. (2015). How social cognition can inform social decision making.Neural basis of social learning, social deciding, and other-regarding preferences, 107.

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Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman and The Crucible essays

Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman and The Crucible essays Arthur Miller, winner of many literary and dramatic awards, is an incredibly influential force in American drama. His plays deal with issues common to every society. He makes the audience face fault, weakness, and ignorance; subjects we would typical hide from. At the same time he emphasizes strength, human spirit, and familial love. Alice Griffin believes that Miller's plays are important internationally (xii). He belongs to an international theater rather than a regional theater (Heilman 170). His plays are staged and studied by students to understand American life in Russia, P and, Iceland, Brazil, Italy, France, Germany, Czech Republic, and China to name a few (Griffin xi). Miller's works thrived in England. The University of East Angelia named it's center the Arthur Miller Centre (Griffin 1). They can relate to the sense f identity, honor, recognition, and familial love (Griffin Preface). In a production in Beijing, Miller explained to a Chinese actor playing Biff the son's feelings of guilt and "painfully requited" love for his father, the actor understood as it is v y Chinese (Morath 79). The phenomenon of Death of a Salesman has been the same all over the world. Audiences all have a sense of their life story of their father, uncle, or brother (Griffin 35). In real life Miller had an Uncle Manny who had two sons ho were in competition with Miller and his brother. Manny ended his own life because he failed at business. Miller's personal history is demonstrated in his sensitive and passionate writing in Death of a Salesman (Griffin 41). The Crucible (1952) was originally intended to be called Those Familiar Spirits, referring to a spirit that a witch presumably sends out to torment her victims. However, the well area at the bottom of a blast furnace is known as the crucible, it is whe the molten steels collects being entirely broken down due to immense heat. Miller thought that this was a p...

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10 Types of Hypercorrection

10 Types of Hypercorrection 10 Types of Hypercorrection 10 Types of Hypercorrection By Mark Nichol Well-meaning writers and editors sometimes mangle the language they’re trying to manage a fault called hypercorrection. Errors of this class are the result either of adherence to a spurious superstition about proper form, a misunderstanding about a point of grammar, or an attempt to fit a square idiom into a round pigeonhole. Here’s a list of some of the categories of hypercorrection: 1. â€Å"A Number Of† Followed by a Singular Verb Occasionally, a superficial understanding of what constitutes proper grammar leads writers to create a disagreeable subject/verb agreement such as â€Å"A number of members is supporting reform.† But longstanding idiom trumps strict correctness: â€Å"A number of members are supporting reform† is correct, because the focus is on the members, not on the proportion of them supporting reform. The same commonsense rule holds for handful, majority, and similar terms. 2. As in Place of Like Writers averse to like as an alternative to â€Å"such as† are also prone to replace like with as in such sentences as â€Å"He charges as a bull.† â€Å"He charges as a bull would do† is correct but stilted; the shorter form implies â€Å"He charges in the capacity of a bull,† rather than â€Å"He charges in the manner of a bull.† What’s not to like about like? 3. Double Adverbs Avoid the urge to append an -ly ending to an adverb that doesn’t require it. Flat adverbs do just fine without the suffix, and so do doubtless, much, seldom, thus, and others. 4. Foreign Articles Preceding Foreign Terms When a noun phrase is temporarily borrowed from another language, writers might be tempted to precede it with an article from that language, as in â€Å"At the countess’s wedding, she served as la fille d’honneur† (â€Å"maid of honor†). The term alone merits both the emphasis of italicization and the retention of the other language’s form: â€Å"At the countess’s wedding, she served as the fille d’honneur.† 5. I Substituted for the Object Me Some people, when they learn that the object in such constructions as â€Å"You and me are the same height† and â€Å"Me and John are the candidates† should read â€Å"You and I are the same height† and â€Å"John and I are the candidates,† generalize that me is an undesirable pronoun, even when used in a sentence’s subject, but â€Å"There’s no difference in height between you and me† and â€Å"The candidates are John and me,† unlike the sentence versions ending in the word I, are perfectly correct. 6. Latin Plurals Formed Incorrectly The plural forms of words derived from Latin that end in -us are -uses or -i. Sometimes, the -uses ending is preferred over the alternative (for example, octopuses); sometimes, the reverse is true (as with foci); and sometimes only one form is correct (prospectuses). When in doubt, check the dictionary. When not in doubt, double-check anyway. 7. Prepositions Prevented from Ending a Sentence Despite admonitions from numerous sources, including a previous post on this site, to ignore the pedantic prohibition against sentence-ending prepositions, some writers, in order to adhere to this fallacious â€Å"rule,† persist in uncomfortably trussing sentences up. For example, â€Å"What did you do that for?† need not be twisted into â€Å"For what reason did you do that?† One could easily write â€Å"Why did you do that?† but that kind of cleanup is not always a viable alternative. 8. Unsplit Compound Verbs There is a curious misunderstanding about compound verbs phrases consisting of an auxiliary verb (a form of â€Å"to be†) and another verb analogous to the spurious â€Å"rule† about infinitives discussed below: Some writers mistakenly believe that adverbs should not be inserted between one verb and another, but that syntax is preferable. Nevertheless, they prefer the clumsy construction â€Å"They quietly were calling her name† to the perfectly acceptable wording â€Å"They were quietly calling her name.† 9. Unsplit Infinitives The persistent belief that the elements of an infinitive to followed by a verb should not be separated by an adverb can result in an ambiguous sentence, such as â€Å"I was preparing quickly to depart,† which could mean â€Å"I was hurrying to prepare to depart† or I was preparing to depart hurriedly† which are not the same thing. The former meaning should be expressed â€Å"I was quickly preparing to depart† and the latter should be written â€Å"I was preparing to quickly depart† (yes, it’s acceptable to separate infinitives with an adverb) or â€Å"I was preparing to depart quickly.† 10. Whom in Place of Who The troublesome pronoun whom entangles many writers, not only at the head of a sentence but also when leading off a subordinate clause, as in the erroneous example â€Å"The top vote-getter is Smith, whom Jones knows is a poor choice.† Whom, here, is not the object of knows; it is the subject of is, and who is the correct companion of a linking verb. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Grammar category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:10 Rules for Writing Numbers and NumeralsTen Yiddish Expressions You Should Know10 Tips About How to Write a Caption

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U can choose one Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

U can choose one - Essay Example Her sister also refused to go to the labor camp and preferred to stay with Anne. Later on selections for the diseased and ill women were started and they were transported to Bergen-Belsen from Auschwitz. Wiesel and his father were sent to Buma, a labor camp where they forced to work under terrible conditions. Wiesel’s father was beaten badly by the Nazi forces in front of him for the cause of suffering from dysentery and exhaustion. Later they were sent to crematorium which was later liberated by the U. S Army (Westra). A gas chamber is a place for killing humans consisting of a closed chamber into which a poisonous gas like hydrogen cyanide, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide is introduced. Gas chambers were used as a method of execution during the Holocaust. Nazi Army used these gas boxes for mass killing as part of the genocide. The gas chamber has been questioned for its real existence. Some of the historians denied it and said it is an exaggerated story of the historians. Free standing chimneys in a gas chamber were the chimneys to evacuate the gas. However, for the purpose of killing the Jews kept inside the chamber, these chimneys were purposely clogged and blocked. After filling the killing gas in the chamber and murdering all the victims inside, the critical job was to evacuate the chamber from dead bodies. For this purpose specially trained crew equipped with gas masks enter the gas chamber and unclog the chimney in order evacuate the gas(Westra). Phil Donahue show telecasted in 1994 flipped the other side of the Holocaust that most of the people unable to think. Phil Donahue asked many hard questions that very rarely seen on the media as ‘Holocaust actually really happened?’ Phil Donahue was a neutral history student and compare who liked to study the history and find out the happenings by keeping himself away from inhumane emotions, truths or lies. His purpose of investigation was his right and there is no harm in thinking the