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U can choose one Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

U can choose one - Essay Example Her sister also refused to go to the labor camp and preferred to stay with Anne. Later on selections for the diseased and ill women were started and they were transported to Bergen-Belsen from Auschwitz. Wiesel and his father were sent to Buma, a labor camp where they forced to work under terrible conditions. Wiesel’s father was beaten badly by the Nazi forces in front of him for the cause of suffering from dysentery and exhaustion. Later they were sent to crematorium which was later liberated by the U. S Army (Westra). A gas chamber is a place for killing humans consisting of a closed chamber into which a poisonous gas like hydrogen cyanide, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide is introduced. Gas chambers were used as a method of execution during the Holocaust. Nazi Army used these gas boxes for mass killing as part of the genocide. The gas chamber has been questioned for its real existence. Some of the historians denied it and said it is an exaggerated story of the historians. Free standing chimneys in a gas chamber were the chimneys to evacuate the gas. However, for the purpose of killing the Jews kept inside the chamber, these chimneys were purposely clogged and blocked. After filling the killing gas in the chamber and murdering all the victims inside, the critical job was to evacuate the chamber from dead bodies. For this purpose specially trained crew equipped with gas masks enter the gas chamber and unclog the chimney in order evacuate the gas(Westra). Phil Donahue show telecasted in 1994 flipped the other side of the Holocaust that most of the people unable to think. Phil Donahue asked many hard questions that very rarely seen on the media as ‘Holocaust actually really happened?’ Phil Donahue was a neutral history student and compare who liked to study the history and find out the happenings by keeping himself away from inhumane emotions, truths or lies. His purpose of investigation was his right and there is no harm in thinking the

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Relativism and Morality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

Relativism and Morality - Essay Example This is used to describe values and concepts of ethical and moral considerations (Baghramian, 2004). Goodman pointed out that relativism can be equated to compromise of value which can prevent conflicts but it prevents the achievement of a meaningful morality or values. This is a bold philosophical view since values, ethics and morality are concepts significantly affected by the social norms (Goodman, 2010, p.87). Goodman’s view regarding relativism can be considered as an important eye opener. He stated that due to the intentions to achieve a common good, the global formulations are becoming culture-bound. This means that cultural differences are being considered as one of the most important factors if not the top most priority. Such scenario leads to the generalization of moral laws which according to him is in the risk of blandness, vagueness, and compromise of principles, which is common and widespread in the present era. The ambiguity in the guiding principles of morality in the international community becomes the law and judicial tactic (Goodman, 2010, p.87). This can be observed in the manner different nations, cultures and societies deal with social, economic, and political issues. Issues that are considered charged and controversial although of great importance and vitality are faced with ambiguity, thus, lost in social compromises of different forms. There are numerous issues that can be cited as examples such as abortion, divorce, same sex marriage, etc. The relativism in morality can explain why in some nations and cultures, these issues are accepted while in other nations and cultures, such issues are prohibited and even detested. Due to the differences in the view and opinions of different nations and communities in the world and due to the stratification of societies on the basis of geographical, cultural, religious, and economic divides, social and political authorities are preventing heated discussions that can lead to violent misunderst andings. As a result, the international community can be observed to have a moral view that is bland and safely coasting between the multitudes of clashing moral views. Moral values are meant to guide and to lead the people in different forms of decision making process. But having a relative morality can be considered ineffective to guide the people their way of life. Upon expression of the dangers of compromise and relativism in morality, Goodman presented his view on the different crimes. He stated and stressed that regardless of the fact that compromise in values rule the present society, there are actions that are simply wrong and that no social and cultural consideration can correct. Goodman said that slavery, genocide, terrorism, murder, rape, polygamy, and incest are examples of crimes and actions that are plainly and absolutely wrong, regardless of the perspective (Goodman, 2010, p.89). This means that it is hard to justify any of these acts as a morally right act on the bas is of any particular culture. No logical reason can justify killing and causing hard to other people such as terrorism, genocide, and murder as the right thing to do in any given situation. Similarly, no logical reason can make slavery and limiting of other people’s rights and freedom such as slavery an acceptable act. This is the same for rape, polygamy, ad incestuous relationships wherein no reasons can make these sexual

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A systematic literature review to study Dignity in Care for Adults

A systematic literature review to study Dignity in Care for Adults Introduction Dignity is a broad and complicated notion that can be used in legal, religious, bioethics, scientific and political contexts with different meanings. The term dignity signifies that a person has a birthright of being respected and treated morally and ethically by others. Dignity implies that people should be treated in such a manner that they feel their value and worth as individuals within the societal context (Soulen and Woodhead 2006). Dignity can be elevated and alleviated by several factors in a healthcare facility. These factors include the facility culture, surroundings and environment, attitudes and behaviour of caregivers and the practice of care being carried out in the facility. People feel more comfortable, confident and in control for making various decisions on their own in the presence of dignity but if there is a lack of dignity they may feel discomforted, devalued, embarrassed and humiliated (Weisstub and Pintos 2007). As dignity creates a sense of comfort and contro l, it is quite important that caregivers in medical institutions realise the importance of dignity while giving care to adults with learning disabilities. The proposed research will analyse the literature associated with dignity in care for adults with learning disabilities in the United Kingdom. Research Aim The primary aim of the proposed research is to analyse the meaning, perceptions and quality of dignity in healthcare with respect to adults who have learning disabilities in the United Kingdom and study the range of healthcare services available for adults with learning disabilities. Research Objectives To assess challenges of access, inclusion, choice, attitudes and legislation faced by adults with learning disabilities in healthcare. To determine whether dignity in care for adults with learning disabilities exists in reality as proposed and promoted by the UK Department of health or not. To understand and compare the types of health care services offered and available to adults with learning disabilities. To analyse the quality of healthcare provided to adults with learning disabilities in the United Kingdom and inequalities faced by them. Methodology Research methodology is an important aspect through which researches are conducted. A research methodology will actually depict that what is the appropriate approach of conducting a research and which research strategy will be applied in this research. In the similar manner it would also depict that which data will be collected for the research and how it will be collected. This entire research would focus on learning disabilities with adults and the issue of dignity will also be addressed in this research. The main objective of this research is to understand the issues of meaning, perceptions and quality related to learning disabilities and how dignity of these individuals is affected. The primary method that will be utilised in this research is based on systematic literature review. This method is implemented in this research because it would definitely be helpful because of several reasons. First and the foremost reason is that it would give a clear about the issue that is being studied. Wolf (2008) presented an idea about that systematic literature review that philosophy of science, development of health related materials etc can be analysed through systematic literature review. In the similar manner it gives a genuine and a clear idea about the issue that is being studied. Through this approach findings can be properly analysed and systematic literature review helps the researchers in the decision making process. Wolf (2008) believed that through this approach the information that is collected for this research can easily be summarised. The benefits of this approach would be that past researches can easily be utilised and this would definitely reduce the cost of researching. Another important factor for choosing this approach is the benefit of time that is at tached with systematic literature review. According to Britton and Jonsson (2004) systematic literature review is actually a cost effective approach for conducting a research. Both the researchers agreed with Wolf (2008) that generalisation and collection of data in this approach is quite simple and easy as compared to other approaches. Therefore, it can be said that because of these benefits this approach of systematic literature review is selected for this research. Ethical Issues Ethics is the term used for differentiation of right over wrong, good over evil and signification of justice or equality in the general behaviour or actions of individuals in a society (Hinman 2007). Confidentiality and privacy of individuals participating in a research is quite important especially if the research topic is quite sensitive as the case is with dignity in care for adults with learning disabilities. The researcher needs to understand and realise the seriousness of ethical issues and considerations in such a research. Although there is a danger of participants being named or personal information being compromised, the approval from the ethical issues committee is not necessary, as the proposed study will only present a systematic literature review of the data already accessible by public. The information collected in the proposed research will only be used for research purposes and real identities will be replaced by codes or false names when required. The following sect ion provides an analysis of literature relevant to the research topic that will be used in the proposed research. Analysis of Literature According to The UK Department of Health (2001) learning disability is a combination or collection of several disabilities and disorders. These disabilities may include disability to understand new information or skills, impaired function in society and an onset of any disability that started before adulthood and had a lasting effect. Learning disability or intellectual disability also referred to as learning difficulty in the United Kingdom is quite difficult to explain as it covers a broad collection of disorders or disabilities that people may face. These disabilities include but are not limited to challenges in processing information, understanding written or spoken language and other challenges that may affect quality of life (Corley and Taymans 2002). This notion by Corley and Taymans (2002) is backed by Turnbull and Chapman (2010) who suggest that people with learning disabilities face several problems in understanding and processing complex information and face challenges in developing new skills. These descriptions of learning disabilities indicate that adults with such disabilities may have difficulties in processing information in several social circumstances including healthcare. This implies that adults with learning disabilities will have a higher degree of healthcare needs as opposed to people with no learning disabilities at all. McGrath (2010) argued in an extensive literature review that people with intellectual disabilities have greater healthcare requirements as compared to the general population. While explaining the nature and intensity of these healthcare needs he argues that the health care needs of people with intellectual disabilities are more complex in comparison with the general population and can result in premature death, which could otherwise be prevented through effective care. This argument by McGrath (2010) is also backed by several other researches conducted in the context of healthcare needs of people with learning disabilities (Michael 2008; Leyshon et al. 2004; Cooper, Melville and Morrison 2004; Paxton and Taylor, 1998; Nocon, Sayce and Nadirshaw 2008). Gaskell and Nightingale (2010) also agree with McGrath (2010) regarding the greater healthcare needs of people with learning disabilities. They suggest that healthcare needs of adults with learning disabilities tend to be higher in comp arison to the general population due to a variety of reasons including visual and hearing impairment, challenges in mobility, heart conditions, diabetes and osteoporosis. The greater needs for healthcare of adults with learning disabilities are also perceived by caregivers as Vecchio, Cybinski and Stevens (2009) in their study analysed the effect of disability on needs of caregivers. They implemented descriptive statistics and regression analysis to conclude that caregivers of adults with disabilities indicated that they required assistance while providing care to such adults. It was also concluded in the study that the needs of adults with learning disabilities were even greater than the needs of adults with physical disabilities with respect to healthcare (Vecchio, Cybinski and Stevens 2009). Adults with learning disabilities face several challenges with respect to societal factors including unethical treatment, abuse, undue pressure in interpersonal communication and biasness from the general population due to their specific disability (Slater 2005). Slater (2005) argued that the most prominent challenges with respect to societal factors in healthcare were neglect, poor treatment and abuse by caregivers. He argues that adults with learning disabilities have every right to dignity in life as the general population and should not be subject to abuse due to a specific disability. The Department of Health (2001) provides a clear strategy regarding treatment and care of elderly people especially when they face challenges due to learning disabilities. The recommendations presented by Slater (2005) are in line with the department of health framework with respect to poor treatment and abuse. The framework clearly outlines that dignity should be a top priority in healthcare where people should be treated in an ethical, moral and respectful manner. The importance of dignity and equality in healthcare services is iterated by another report of The Department of Health (2002) by implying the importance of fair access to care services irrespective of age and any disabilities a person may have. Philp (2007) recommended that dignity in care should not be an afterthought and caregivers should understand and realise the importance of dignity in healthcare of adults with learning disabilities. He suggests that caregivers are very busy and they need to incorporate dignity into the overall framework for providing care. In his study, Philp (2007) emphasised the need for treating adults with respect and integrity while giving them a sense of freedom and control over their actions and behaviour. He concluded that there are various forms of abuse and caregivers need to provide care with thorough understanding and realisation of dignity in care of adults with learning disabilities (Philp 2007). Holland (2000) on the other hand, analysed how ageing affects people with learning disabilities with respect to social, psychological and biological issues. He argued that adults with severe learning disabilities faced more challenges in later parts of life with respect to services as compared to adults without any disabilities. He concluded in his study that gaps were present in the healthcare and social services provided to learning disabilities and the standards established by the department of health (Holland 2000). This implies that albeit healthcare providers may focus on providing the most effective quality of services but improvements can still be made to make the quality of services more effective especially with respect to dignity in care. Batesa and Davis (2004) in their study of social inclusion and services for people with learning disabilities presented several societal challenges faced by adults with learning disabilities. These challenges include hindrance in local community participation, perceptions of general population, problems in safety and trust, limited access to social networks and limited access to services being offered. The study indicates that these challenges are faced by adults with learning disabilities mainly due to the perceptions of community and general population with respect to these people. The research concludes that social capital concept provides an effective model for services that focus on promoting social inclusion of adults with learning disabilities (Batesa and Davis 2004). The concept of social capital, which is based on social networks, and standards of trust and reciprocity Batesa and Davis (2004) can also be implemented in healthcare for adults with learning disabilities for bet ter outcomes. Health care services are of utmost importance to individuals who are suffering with different learning disabilities. McGrath (2010) believed that people with learning disabilities needs health checks to monitor the discrepancies they have. Annual health checks is a type of health care service that is offered and available to adults with learning disabilities. Usually, people who are facing these difficulties are less likely to receive continuous screening and they have less frequent routine checks. That is the reason why annual health checks should be offered by different health care institutions so that they can benefit from it in both the short and the long run. However, a concern is that whether these health checks are needed or not because if they are not viable enough so there is no need to have an exercise that would engage them in such activity. Albroze (2005) discussed that these annual health checks are very important because they assist the patients in every aspects and peo ple who are suffering from these difficulties can gauge that what is their current situation. People who have learning disabilities usually live in communities and they have the right to access different mainstream health care services. Deshler, Schumaker and Bulgren (2001) discussed that individual importance should be given to people who are suffering with learning disabilities and this can be considered as a health care service. Nurses should be effectively trained in this regard and they should help the individuals who are facing learning difficulties. These researchers also believed that equal health care services should be provided to patients who are suffering from learning disabilities. In the similar manner disability awareness should be given to them in different regards like trainings and workshops should be organised so that they can easily benefit from these activities. Certain special health care services should be allotted to those individuals that have complex and special needs (Bergmark, Parker, Thorslund, 2000). In the similar manner, certain action plans should be developed for this cause so that all these health care services would be implemented in a proactive manner. Besides certain annual che cks individuals suffering from learning disabilities should be offered regular checkups. This will provide an equal opportunity to learn about their health and they can lead a happy and a prosperous life. Certain picture-based books should be provided to them so that they can learn how they can face different complex situations (Deshler, Schumaker and Bulgren 2001). Emerson, Davies and Spencer (2005) analysed that learning disability in adults is a condition that is quite long lasting. A survey showed that about 62% of all the people who are suffering from this disability live with their parents or with their relatives. Similarly, 30% of the people especially adults live in certain form of residential care or they live with people who are also suffering from learning disabilities. However, only 7% of the people live with their partners or they live alone. There are different inequalities faced by adults when they are receiving health care facilities. Michael (2008) believed that at times people receive unequal health care treatment and this can be considered as an important issue for people who are providing learning disabilities and for those who are accessing it. People that are facing learning difficulties are not always offered the same level of services and treatment as the general population. People and health care service providers assume certain things when they are dealing with individuals facing learning disabilities (Kuntz, Minnes, Garcin, Martin, Lewis, Holden, 2005). In the similar manner the routine health care services received by these adults over the year in the United Kingdom is patchy too. Finally, people who are suffering from learning disabilities as not served and perceived as a priority (Michael 2008). Cooper, Melville and Morrison (2004) believed that people who are facing learning difficulties face unequal atmosphere. They are not treated as equal citizens in many conditions and this creates a sense of inequality in them. People with learning disabilities are discriminated in the society and there are different health care professionals who do not understand much about learning disabilities. In the similar manner many professionals in the society are not familiar with the laws associated with capacity to consent. There are certain professionals who are aware with this scenario but most of them do not consult the family of these individuals who are suffering with learning disabilities (Corley and Taymans 2002). Individuals that are suffering with learning disabilities may not understand the significance and importance of health care screening or it is highly probable that they may not recognise the symbols of ill health. This factor might create issues for the carers in both the s hort and the long run. Therefore, people with learning disabilities should be dealt with extreme care and the level of dignity should be maintained so that they can lead a healthy and a prosperous life. Summary The primary aim of the proposed research is to analyse the issues related to dignity in healthcare with respect to adults who have learning disabilities in the United Kingdom and study the range of available healthcare services. This primary aim will be accomplished by achieving several underlying objectives. All the researches that were analysed in the literature review depict that adults with learning disabilities face several challenges especially with respect to dignity and they should be dealt with extreme care. There are certain discrepancies and difficulties in this regard and there should be a proper equal approach adopted to care for adults with learning disabilities. It was also stressed in this research paper that dignity of these individuals is the main issues and once the dignity of these individuals are present they can live with self respect in the society. Relevance to Practice The entire research would be quite useful in enhancing the level of dignity in adults who are suffering from learning disabilities in United Kingdom. However, one of the major points that should be focused by different agencies and social workers would be how fast and effectively they can implement all these processes. A significant amount of research has been conducted in this regard but the reviewed literature shows several gaps in standards laid down by government health authorities and current practices. The proposed research will be helpful in filling these gaps. The proposed research would be beneficial for adults who are facing with learning disabilities and it would be beneficial for caregivers who are planning to implement these processes.

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Computer Technician :: essays research papers

Computer Technician I Believe a Computer Technician is a good career for me because I have been around computers for many years now and enjoy them. I began to learn the basics of computers from my father when I was about 9 years old. Since then I have pretty much taught myself and took off in the computer field. I now have 7 networked computers " linked together ", help run an internet provider and build web pages. About a year ago my Uncle changed jobs and now he is a Computer Technician. I have been working with him and really enjoy it. Five Tasks a Computer Technician May Perform Generally there are five tasks a Computer Technician has to perform such as : conducting research, analyzing systems, monitoring software and hardware, fixing hardware and software and designing computers. Working Conditions The working conditions of a Computer Technician varies. It depends on where and who you are working for. Usually the average working environment is indoors, quiet, temperature controlled and usually alone. Working Schedule The working hours vary as well. Computer Technician's are on call 24 hours 7 days a week due to the fact that most companies computers are running all the time and cannot wait long for their computer to be fixed. Salary The average salary for a Computer Technician is approximately $65,500 per year. To become a Computer Technician you need one or two years of technical training and you must have good math skills Which most technical and vocational schools offer. There are no licensing or exams needed to pass to become a Computer Technician. Certain personal qualities are needed to become a Computer Technician such as good eyesight, good hearing and the ability to work without supervision. Certain skills are needed as well such as how different computers function and work with others. Computer Technician employment opportunities exist now as listed in the want ad's and are going to continue to grow in the future. To become a Computer Technician you might want to pursue business courses,

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Prose and poetry Essay

Creative writing carries with it a myriad of challenges that are more than often conflicting or ironically similar. Let me start off by setting aside specific characteristics of languages. For instance, general talk typically employs ordinary language. Hence, verbs do what they are developed to do, and this also applies to nouns. Therefore, by examining diverse characteristics of language, it is crucial to assert that, such aspects as rhymes are characteristically poetic attribute of language and rarely is it employed in everyday language; when we do, we cackle because it assumes unnatural tone. And, yet, when employed decisively, or when brought to the forefront of an incident of lingo, rhyme acquires the dimensions of exquisiteness. In this regard, we have definitely treaded from mere lingo into sphere of literature. All in all, poetry and prose have common characteristics noticeably. This examination concludes that, there subsists a realm of equally poetic prose and prose poetry, meaning there subsists no broader variation involving the two. However, a poet cannot do without a well developed organization of language this is due to the fact that, poem thrives on the concepts of stanzas and rhymes among others. On the other hand, sentences lean towards prose, while metaphors are applicable to both poetry and prose (Bortolussi, et al, 2003). Prose writing generally tags along the standard regulations in syntax, punctuation, sentence structure and capitalization. Poetry time and again do not, this is commonly attributed to expressive grounds, and each word, interlude, is cautiously selected to say the most by using the minimal words. Therefore, for an individual to answer this question without being a poet, the remedy is to shun the use of stanzas, lines as well as meter. This is due to the fact that, prose is more of fiction or non fiction writing. Prose is the lingo of everyday communication, or the symbols medium that apes it. Sister Carrie (1900) is a classic novel authored by the reknowned American Theodore Dreiser. The novel revolves around the dramatic live of a young country girl who had moved to the big city in order to realize her own American dream. Examining this narration in the manner that Shakespeare treats his work, it would be pivotal to assert that, perhaps he could have developed a tragic sequel or another romantic episode. Consider the fact that, Shakespeare is commonly viewed as a feminist; therefore, there is a possibility that, he could have developed a satirical drama that resonate with the broader context of ordinary American folks. And this points to the fact that, he could have attempted to inject life to the characters as is exposed by his previous works. Equally, looking the manner by which Theodore Dreiser presented his case, it would be paramount to assert that, he could have changed the entire scope presented in The Tempest to fit his short stories fascinations. It is notable that, as an author he strongly employed prose to present his works which strongly departed from the realms of highly plotted fiction work. Therefore, if he was the one who had authored The Tempest, there is a possibility that, he could have presented a well articulated but a long novel. This has been established by the fact that, most of his works are crowded by bulk or long novels rather than short narratives. In essence, he could have revolved within an axis of creating a novel that catered for his audience who perhaps includes the middle class citizens. Moreover, Dreiser’s works extensively influenced the pragmatic writings by such authors as Stephen Crane, Jack London, as well as Ernest Hemingway. â€Å"The Idiot† is basically on the thought that, Myshkin is not naturally bright, this is due to the fact that, as the author point, the lad was not educated, and typically criss-crossed the world with a mindset of simplistic virtuousness. When verbalizing his views, he struggles to clear himself with Charlie Brown-like stuttering and insipidity. It is on this ground that, the inhabitants reputed that he was an idiot, but actually, he was a fine, sincere, considerate, and gracious being. The novel appears to posit that a pious man, navigating his paths in a people that are apprehensive with covetousness and ruthless avarice, will be judged as foolish idiot for valuing integrity, kindness, and the plain things in life. Possibly, it is due to his ingenuousness that all and sundry, including Dr. Schneider referred to him as an idiot. From the novel, Prince Myshkin appears to subsist as if in an undying status of contemplation, of absolute-calmness. Equally, it looks as if that via Myshkin, Dostoyevsky perceives the spiritual familiarity as an enjoyable unknowingness. Therefore, in regard to chapter eleven, it can be assumed that, though the Prince was treated as an idiot, he loved to keep it simple and sincere. Hence, he opted to be uncomplicated rather than be wicked. In principal, the prince could not have objected or denied to be called an idiot, this can be linked to the fact that, he had spent a quite long time in the sanitarium where he had gone to seek medication. This coupled with his personal principles made him to withstand despite the fact that, he was innocent and candid in his ways. In as far as he was concerned, the remark fits considerably. Conceivably, this is why Dostoevsky prefers to use it now and then. Examining the kind of people who were surrounding the Prince, it is instrumental to realize that, the nature of their characteristics conflicted with what the Prince believed. Therefore, the features of virtue which he cherished and treasured were viewed and interpreted as a sign of weakness. Hence, the usage and application of the word idiot acquired another shape and meaning. A name or a title carries a wealth of honor and prestige. Therefore, a name can be said to be a sign of honor or as well prestige. To answer the question posed, it would be pragmatic to posit that, there are deep-rooted mystical powers in the names we give to others or objects. For instance, on Christian perspective, it is widely claimed that, one of the major act after creation that Adam was assigned was to name each and every beast. Hence, one of the most instrumental aspect of a parental power or authority is to decide and determining the nature of the name to be given to his or her child. Thus a name or a title may depict personality or ones social status as well as ones position in any given community. Also a name carries with it cultural and ethnic identity. Exploring the aspects of the novel The Idiot Fyodor Dostoyevsky, one cannot fail to realize the effect of a name on an individual. It is on that principle that, when the prince is addressed or viewed as an idiot because of his views and moral uprightness, the larger society perceived him to be so. Thus a name holds particular attributes that are allied to the bearer of that given name or title. From the ancient time, to the contemporary world today, names or titles are held in high. I consider that a name can assist to mould you into what you become but not establish who you will be. In conclusion, names as well as titles are given to reflect a sort of identity. There are those who take certain names or title due to ethnic identity, while others are propelled to do due to religious obligations. However, going back to the query â€Å"what is in a name or a title? Perhaps the answer may look ridiculous, but the general answer to this question is typically that nothing is in a name, and the factual person is within. Nevertheless, at some point in a time when individuals were graded in a class, it would be quite clear to assert that literature had a system of bringing or creating a new connotation to that subject (Bortolussi, et al, 2003). Reference Bortolussi, M; Dixon, P. (2003). Literary Response. N. Y: Routledge.

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Malcolm X Education Essay - 1560 Words

Malcolm X once said â€Å"education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today†. From adolescence to adulthood almost every person is put through schooling. As one gets older in age, the education they obtain becomes more rigorous in order to stretch their minds far beyond two plus two or what color the sky is. The strategies of critically thinking and being able to analyze/decipher information in front is them is reinforced routinely in the educational system. With this being said, the purpose of education is to aid in enhancing one’s qualification, socialisation, and subjectification skills within the society regardless of how or where one’s education was obtained. Preschool, elementary school,†¦show more content†¦I had never forgotten how when my class, me and all of those whites, had studied seventh-grade United States history back in Mason, the history of the Negro had been covered in one paragraph, and the teacher had gotten a big laugh with his joke, â€Å"Negroes’ feet are so big that when they walk, they leave a hole in the ground.† This is one reason why Mr. Muhammad’s teachings spread so swiftly all over the United States, among all Negroes, whether or not they became followers of Muhammad. The teachings ring true - to every Negro. You can hardly show me a black adult in America - or a white one, for that matter - who knows from the history books anything like the truth about the black man’s role. In my own case, once I heard of the â€Å"glorious history of the black man,† I took special pains to hunt in the library for books that would inform me on details about black history. (Haley,260-2 61) This quote illustrates where Malcolm X’s passion, towards advocating for minorities, may have been intensified. Malcolm X was an African-American Muslim minister and a human rights activist who, to his admirers, was a courageous advocate for the rights of blacks. Moreover, this quote testifies how his education, even if it weren’t the most conventional, contributed to the level of qualification he had. The degree in which Malcolm X understood the oppression of blacks by not only being a black himself and experiencing it firstShow MoreRelated Prison Studies Considered Essay849 Words   |  4 PagesPrison Studies Considered In Prison Studies Malcolm X briefly details how, during his incarceration, he embarked on a process of self-education that forever changed him and the course of his life. Malcolm writes of his determination to learn to read and write, born out of his envy and emulation of Bimbi, a fellow prisoner. His innate curiosity, sense of pride, and ambition to learn and be someone of substance motivated him to study relentlessly. As he learned more about the world he developedRead MoreMalcolm X vs Frederick Douglass Essay1300 Words   |  6 Pages21, 2011 Essay 2 Lead-In Author, Title, and main Idea Final Thought Topic Sentence Malcolm X VS. Frederick Douglass How would you compare your education experience with Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass? Education comes from attending elementary; middle school, high school, and college. However education can also come from home if the education is legitimate. In Malcolm Xs A Homemade Education, Malcolm discussesRead MoreComing From An Awareness Of Language By Malcolm X1175 Words   |  5 PagesIn Malcolm X s biography Coming to an Awareness of Language he reveals that he struggled with expressing himself in his writing due to lack of education. He grew up speaking only slang and even though he was well respected for being one of the best speakers in the streets, it didn t get him very far when he needed to be seen in the eyes of professionals. While incarcerated inNorfolk Prison Colony, Malcolm X wrote to various people about a variety of issues that he deemed important. However noneRead MoreLiterary Devices: Malcolm X Essay1330 Words   |  6 Pagesoutlets such as television, books, movies, et c. Becoming literate is essential to functioning in society. Looking back at one of the most influential figures of the 1960’s, it is hard to imagine that at age 21 Malcolm X tried to start a letter with â€Å"Look, daddy, let me pull your coat about a cat†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (X 256). He spent 7 years in prison for robbery, and during that time he underwent a self-metamorphosis. His way of putting it is â€Å"books opened up a whole new world to me† (260). History, philosophy, geneticsRead MoreMalcolm X And His Own Life Experiences891 Words   |  4 PagesOur opinions, beliefs and feelings are heavily influenced by the amount of education that we receive. Education is the backbone to a person’s subjectivity and authority. Malcolm X brought much attention to the importance of improving academic knowledge in his essay â€Å"Learning to Read† through his own life experiences. Malcolm X claimed that â€Å"in the street, [he] not only wasn’t articulate, [h e] wasn’t even functional† and that â€Å"[he] became increasingly frustrated at not being able to express what [he]Read MoreFrederick Douglass And Malcolm X Essay1237 Words   |  5 Pagesknowledge through learning. This topic is important because based on a study conducted by the U.S Department of Education and the National Institution of Literacy, 32 million adults in the U.S are still unable to read and write and African Americans are expected to make up nearly half of that amount. In both Fredrick Douglass’ â€Å"Learning to Read† and Malcolm X’s â€Å"A Homemade Education,† common themes regarding literacy and freedom are identified and both reflect why literacy is so important. TheRead MoreFrederick Douglass and Malcolm X Comparison Essay640 Words   |  3 PagesFrederick Douglass and Malcolm X Comparison Essay Nneoma Okeoma Sept. 28, 2011 2a Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X Comparison Essay Draft 1 Can one think undergoing suffrage of unjust slavery and being held in a penitentiary be compared? In the excerpt of Frederick Douglass (Learning to Read and Write) and in Malcolm X (Learning to Read): both dealt with the oppression that the white race as brought to them. Douglass lists the ways which he learns how to read and write. He discussesRead MoreThe Autobiography Of Malcolm X Essay1152 Words   |  5 Pages THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X Introduction Malcolm X?s autobiography written in collaboration with Alex Haley is an exciting story of personality transformation. During several years, Malcolm X told Haley his biography in several extensive interviews. Haley described and orchestrated the stories and Malcolm X edited and endorsed every part of the book. The story is narrated in the first person and it seems like Malcolm was writing this of his ownRead MoreEssay on The Radical Impact of Reading1585 Words   |  7 Pagesstages of learning to read, they are not seen as qualified to enter into national conversation. In an essay called â€Å"Reading as Counterculture,† we are told that a student claims to read because he wishes to â€Å"enter the great debates† (Coleman 21). It is true that in order to take part in significant aspects of Canadian life and thought, an aptitude for reading is often a pre-requisite. In this essay, I will argue that while reading has many practical benefits, the f act that literacy is so central inRead MoreImpact of Education Essay1095 Words   |  5 PagesImpact of Education Education is one of the most essential necessities of a personal life because without education, we would not have a brighter future. In two essays â€Å"Learning to Read and Write† and â€Å"A Homemade Education†, Malcolm and Douglass describe what they have gone through in order to become more successful in their pursuits in life. While Malcolm X lived part of his life in prison, he spent his time writing numerous definitions from a dictionary amongst the walls and tables. The elements

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Sex, Religion, And Discrimination - 1132 Words

1. Chapter Summary Historically, there has been race, sex, religion, and many other sources of discrimination worldwide. America has come a long way in bringing justice to those who have been discriminated, and to prevent it from happening by implementing relevant policies. However, it is apparent that traces of these historical discriminations have followed us onto the new era of the 21st century. In the past few months alone, there were a few laws executed to stop inequity allowing for: †¢ Same sex marriage, and †¢ Gay/lesbian service in the military (this law is still limited to open transgender citizens) (1). Gender pay gap, is also another evidence of gender disparity. A full-time women employee earns 78 cents of every dollar a male earns, this ratio differs from one state to another and it varies from 91cents in DC to 66 cents in Louisiana(2) shows the un-uniformity among the state laws. Many people hide their gender identity in the workplace, to get recognized for their talents, because they are afraid that the gender bias may restrict their growth. In the screenshot below from Equal Employment Opportunity data analysis, it is clear that the presence of women in the workforce globally is still 40% less than men and the White race still has the majority of the jobs in the US (15). In this chapter, you will learn about different types of discrimination in the work place and how to implement effective policies to eliminate such situations. Figure 1- Workforce byShow MoreRelatedRacial Discrimination : The Act Of Making Or Perceiving A Difference1705 Words   |  7 PagesMerriam-Webster defines discrimination as, â€Å"the act of making or perceiving a difference† (Discrimination, 2017.) Does your skin color impact the quality of your work or the fortitude your resolve? It may seem that the answer to that question is quite clear, nonetheless, 32,309 cases of race/color discrimination were reported in fascial year 2016 (EEOC, 2017.) Prejudice and discrimination are often mistaken for one another, however, prejudice is the negative attitude toward a category of peopleRead MoreWorkplace Discrimination Essay examples1339 Words   |  6 PagesWorkplace Discrimination Discrimination occurs when an employee suffers from unfavorable or unfair treatment due to their race, religion, national origin, disabled or veteran status, or other legally protected characteristics. Employees who have suffered reprisals for opposing workplace discrimination or for reporting violations to the authorities are also considered to be discriminated against. Federal law prohibits discrimination in work-related areas, such as recruiting, hiring, job evaluationsRead MoreConsumer Discrimination And Sexual Orientation Based Discrimination1162 Words   |  5 PagesEarlier this year, the concepts of consumer discrimination and sexual orientation based discrimination have come to a forefront in American politics and should be dealt with through federal legislation (Payne, 2015). Two arguments which can be used to argue on the side of discrimination are the First Amendment used in tandem with corporate personhood and the First Amendment used on its own. I argue, however, that c orporate personhood is not a legitimate argument nor is the First Amendment groundsRead MoreReligious Persecution At Work?1434 Words   |  6 Pagesjail for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. Since our country has a great diversity, employers may decide to hire their employees from a great variety of countries and different religious backgrounds. In an ideal work environment, the religious beliefs of a given employee, or the employer, do not have a conflict. Each individual is free to believe as he or she chooses and, as the work gets done right, neither of them will encounter difficulty with religion. However, in the real world,Read MoreThe Legalization Of Gay Marriage1749 Words   |  7 PagesLegalization of Gay Marriage: A Step to Equality Imagine a world where heterosexuals are the minority. Straight people would be the ones fighting for the same rights as homosexuals. Same-sex marriages would be average and normal, while straight marriages would be frowned upon and considered unholy in the eyes of religion. Heterosexuals would be denied service at restaurants because of their sexuality, they would be called derogatory names while holding their partner’s hand and most importantly, theyRead MoreCivil Rights And Civil Liberties1157 Words   |  5 Pageswithout the discrimination. 1 â€Å"American liberals believe that both civil liberties and civil rights are harmonious aspects of a basic commitment to human rights† (‘The case of Discriminatory Verbal Harassment’). It gave right to every citizen of the country to live freely without the government interfere. Civil right and Civil liberties has benefited and protected citizen in different way. Civil rights are the right which is focused on the rights of equality against the discrimination done on theRead MoreWhy The Women Of Wall Street Are Disappearing1132 Words   |  5 Pagesmeeting the qualifications, thus an example of discrimination. The employer can discriminate for race, sex, gender, origin, or disability. According to the business dictionary, discrimination is illustrated as a â€Å"bias or prejudice resulting in denial of opportunity, or unfair treatment regarding selection, promotion, or transfer. Discrimination is preformed commonly on the grounds of age, disability, ethnicity, origin, political belief, race, religion, sex, etc. factors which are irrelevant to a personRead MoreEqual Employment Opportunity Essay1514 Words   |  7 Pagesstipulations and overlooks all of the federal equal employment opportunity regulations, practices and policies (â€Å"Federal Laws Prohibiting Job Discrimination Questions and Answers†). Some laws that have been passed are the Equal Pay Act of 1963, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967. Although some discrimination is still a problem, all of these laws have helped the United States citizens become treated more equally in the work force. The Equal PayRead MoreWorkplace Discrimination : Discrimination And Discrimination1588 Words   |  7 Pagesthey possess. Unfortunately, prejudice and discrimination occur even in places which, by definition, should be free of all personal prejudices – specifically, in offices and other business surroundings. This tragedy is called workplace discrimination; not every unfair behavior at work, however, can be assessed as discrimination. Discrimination in the workplace happens when an employee experiences unfair treatment due to their race, gender, age, religion, marital status, national origin, disabilityRead MoreBusiness Ethics, Its Current Practices And Various Aspects1388 Words   |  6 Pagesits current practices and various aspects: Discrimination related to the employment in the businesses is one of the major ethical issues nowadays. It creates many problems in the workplace and can reduce the motivation level, loyalty and commitment with the firms. Discrimination on workplace can be defined as the imbalanced or unequal treatment with employees based on biases. This biasness may be based on age, sex, race, ethnicity, nation, language, religion and disability of employees etc. It is the